How to get the money to finance the business?

You have a business idea but lack the funds for its implementation? Try to get a grant. The possibilities are really a lot!

Much is said about the fact that it is small and medium-sized enterprises, which have recently been produced in Poland, more and more, are the lifeblood of our economy. If you have a business idea and would like to implement it in life, you have to find ways to finance it.



Statistics show that most USA are seeking financing from EU funds. With a pool, which the European Union is to support aspiring entrepreneurs grants awarded are usually those whose business idea is associated with the development of innovation in the economy supporting new technologies, leading-edge research, counts on the high-reaching computerization. A good business idea can become a ticket to a non-refundable financial support from the European Union.


When registered as unemployed person would like to open their own business, can count on the support of the labor office. To get funding you must convince the committee that our business idea not only has the potential to be realized, but as implemented in the life of the project to stay on the market longer than a year (then granted us the loan is not refundable).


Since 2011 in Poland, develops portals, on which you can submit your business idea. After verifying that indicated by the amount we will implement the project in the life of the idea it will be published and will begin raising money for its implementation. Can pay every Internet user (individual or company) who considers our plan as attractive. With this form of financing of the project, we not only need to collect the sum, but also to see whether the idea will meet with appreciation and positive feedback even before its implementation.


Most banks offer loans to companies only on the basis of a business plan, unfortunately, very reluctantly. It is often required collateral in the form of additional resources (for example, deposit or mortgage on the property), which often do not have. However, there are loans to start businesses that are granted dzialalnosciom new entrants of which may be secured by BGK or Jeremie.


New entrepreneurs can count on the support of investors (mainly businessmen) who are willing to spend their money on the implementation of innovative projects. So let's use actively the portals LinkedIn type on which they are registered and actively look for people already working in the industry. There are a lot of people who will share their experience.

The above solutions are only part of the available opportunities. With an interesting and innovative idea for a business, and some charisma, finding the funds should not be difficult. You have, however, will not toil to be able in the future to reap profits.