About Little Miss Heirlooms:

Priscila Barros resides in southern California with her husband and two small children. She is a self-taught interior decorator and flea market junky. Her search in 2007 to make the perfect nursery for her youngest son was nothing more than a disappointment. Confronted with cookie-cutter bedding and mass produced d├ęcor, she longed for the charm of days gone by. Finally, with chippy, forgotten furniture to rediscovered retro toys, she turned her son's nursery into a sweet cowboy retreat. Every item was thoughtfully chosen and has become an instant heirloom for her son.

Little Miss Heirlooms is dedicated to providing forgotten mementos from the past for the new generation. At Little Miss Heirlooms you will find rediscovered collectibles perfect for adding a touch of charm or whimsy to your child's living space. You will also find an array of holiday and party items.


If you need more information or have any requests we would love to hear from you! Please contact using our email:

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