10 lessons, which I carried with running your own business

Soon it will be two years since I started to run my business. At the beginning focused exclusively on the blog and activities associated with it, after a year I moved from Lunaby, that luxury pajamas, T-shirts, night-sypialnianymi about accessories. No longer I work alone for several months supporting me, my mother, for several Marta, which took over the responsibilities associated with marketing and sales. Activities in this dziewczynskim teaming give me great pleasure and I can safely say that clicked the blog is doing better and better, and Lunaby growing rapidly.

Private business is not a path strewn with roses. A lot during this time I learned, so the successes and failures of today, I wanted to be with you to share this knowledge. We are pleased to hear about your experiences, too I'm very curious how many enterprising souls among my readers.

1. Being helpful

This is the basic principle of economics people buy things and services that will enable them to meet their needs. Sometimes these very basic, such as heating in the winter, sometimes more sophisticated, such as providing inspiration for action and highlight the newly acquired status. There is no other way to success than just provide people with what they need although they may not yet be aware of it. Fulfillment of one's desires is also incredibly rewarding. When planning any action, so we try to put our customer at the center.

"The most successful people I know both financially and in other ways are shockingly helpful. They're incredibly good at understanding other people and helping them Achieve Their goals. They know Their success is ultimately based on the success of the people around them.

2. Consistency in action

If you had asked me about the most useful feature of an entrepreneur, I would say that is a consequence of the action. In your own business encountered countless obstacles and absolutely not surprised me statistics saying that the vast majority of businesses fail in the first two years. Win those who act in spite of mounting difficulties, encountering a problem, just take the concrete steps to solve it.

Blog I wanted to quit many times, the last and greatest crisis I was 2-3 years ago. Completely got tired of throwing images of sets of clothes, I did not feel good about it, but somehow I was afraid to start writing about other things I ran after blog about fashion! In the end, I realized that blogging as most can, and should, to mature with me. I started writing about what actually turns me on, blog not only fired up when it comes to statistics, but above all he Readers invest more and it made it really fell in love with what I do. Well, reported to me the prestigious publishing house, as a result, the moment comes my book!

In Lunaby such a crisis moment there were problems with the cash register in a nutshell, we had to pay a considerable for us then sum, because we did not know that the sale of a particular product (gold jewelry), we lose the opportunity to benefit from the refund of the money from the Tax Office It was just the icing on the cake accumulated during this period of difficulty. I remember that we could not find a decent materials were only polyesters or terribly expensive silks in very small quantities. Stitching did not treat us seriously, because our orders were quite small, everything took a lot of time, because we did not have more sophisticated operating procedures and contacts in the industry. If not for my mom, I would have surrendered.

Every business is difficult regardless of whether you run a hair salon, or create an application. Everywhere there is a lot of competition, and if not, it means that you need only to build awareness of the market and the consumer, which is also not an easy task. Jumping from flower to flower in anything will not help if you do not learn to bring things to an end. If something does not go, you might want to think about where you can make changes, but we should not give up at the first difficulty.

3. Tenacity

By nature I am a man avoiding any confrontation, usually when someone tells me "no", I thought "no it is not," and forgave. Running your own business has taught me that if someone closes the door for me, it's worth a try window.

The turning point was the situation of wholesale fabrics, which do not have time kupowalysmy materials. In view of the new models we ordered online hundred-meter tall bale viscose. Sample seemed great (for now I can not believe that was the same fabric), but when the material to the letter arrived, it turned out, it is very, very poor and can not get out of it sew, or at least we do not want to do that.

I called to establish the procedure for reimbursement and learned that there is no such possibility. When I raised the pressure, because I was convinced that I have a right to do so after all, when you shop online is valid 14 days return! I did not give up and sell after several conversations with you a manager, a manager and a manager manageress manageress manageress negotiated exchange.

Only when he triumphantly hung up after the last conversation I had read that this law applies only in the case of the sale of the company-an individual, not a company-firm. If not for my mistaken belief in its case, probably odpuscilabym immediately, and with 100 meters of the tragic quality of the material could possibly sew Chrupkowi 2,500 scarves, and anyway I'm not sure if he would like to wear them.

4. Our greatest enemy is our own head It is said that Poland is a country very friendly to entrepreneurs that the market is difficult, and people want to buy only cheap Chinese food. With the first part of this statement I could partly agree, but I think that the biggest obstacle in the development of business we are ourselves, and actually invented by us excuses and limitations.

I can not write more than twice a week, I'm not able to do a good photo without tons of expensive equipment, do not call, because I do not like to talk on the phone our brain naturally programmed to laziness, we each put a burdensome restrictions. You should learn how to recognize them and act in spite of the fact that we are sitting on the back of the head. Once defeated, and do not come back more motivated to become the next face.

5. Passion is not enough

Observing the successes of others, we get the impression that the essence of running your own business is drifting from one success to another. We read in the newspaper about the sale of start-drop for a huge sum, we see writers receiving the prize. Meanwhile, those moments would never have been if not for the daily draw a line of small steps that bring us closer to the goal.


is not always glamorous. They are often quite onerous tasks, frustrating but it must be done. For each full of glitter premiere facing hundreds of full days of tedious tasks. People who are guided by the motto "do what you love, and they have worked a day in your life" probably never filled kilometrowki. Of course, part of the repetitive tasks can grow with your business outsource to someone, but always, there will always be elements that excite us like less.

Running an efficient company requires in the first place passion for the business and the fulfillment of human needs, the other to what actually we do even if we have an efficient and trusted manager. If you scare us contact with customers, irregular payment, the necessity of settling many issues yourself should think twice.

5 and 1/2. Good organization of work and the ability to say "no."

When I decided that I would not look for a job after graduation, I open my own business, my surroundings felt fantastic that happens. Studying colleagues rang to pull me forenoon shopping, my mother reminded that I absolutely must do something with her in the garden, and in general it opened a new Italian restaurant.

Really hard not to choke the freedom of time. Establishing boundaries is not necessary otherwise we are in eternal rozmemlaniu or not working efficiently, or relaxing with a clear conscience. Because it turns out that resting also need to learn.

Me helps appoint themselves the most important goals and plan concrete steps that make me closer to them. For example, a priority in the conduct of the blog is for me to regularly publish interesting content. Replying to emails, throwing images on Instagrama all this can wait until I'm post. Sticking to the agreed plan allows me to enjoy and work, and leisure time, despite the large amount of responsibilities.

6. A good team is essential

I once liked to have everything under strict control. Running your own business has taught me, paradoxically, to forgive. Or else trust people. You can not do everything firstly due to time, and secondly because there is no way that we were strong in everything.

We can try, but for me it would effectively fatigue and burn-related business alone. Hiring or outsourcing tasks also allows professionals to broaden our horizons my best ideas always come to mind after various meetings. Joint action pushes the beaten track.

It should, however, expect the strength of intentions if only just beginning, hiring five teams we can quickly let go of the bags. This is a very personal issue, dependent on the industry and the nature of our business. Some operations better outsourced (in our case it is, for example, sewing, doing packshots or advanced issues related to the operation of websites), some do on their own (in our case: images), and still others look for a permanent person team (yes how I did it with sales and marketing).